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Increase the sales of your store by getting your products or services out to the doorstep of our customers


Increase your customers

Grow your business by using our tools and channels to reach our in-need customers.

Increase your sales

With the use of our platform, you can have multiple revenue stream for your store. You will get to see real-time sales, you can edit your products & your price from your FREE dashboard.

TakeOut Customer Support

Allow us to take care of your customers by catering to their every request. Let us know the level of customer support you need, and we will take care of it.

Delivery TakeOut

Our pool of riders equipped with 130L or 32L waterproof thermal bags with Drinks Holder, will handle the delivery of your products to the customer.

Mobile Marketing

Your store will be in the fingertips of TakeOut.PH customers through our Responsive Web, Android and iOS App. We will handle your mobile marketing needs for you.

Cash payment

Our riders will pay you in cash for every order through our platform. You focus your time on preparing the product or service at your store. Hassle-free.

Secure card payment

For card payments, we are using paypal and paymongo for advanced fraud detection engines - protects you from bogus buyers and fraudulent transactions. They conform with PCI-DSS regulations.

Our Programs

Designed to extend the distribution, reach, and penetration of store partners.



  • Start-up
  • FREE 1 Month Subsription Fee
  • FREE Product photoshoot for maximum of 8 products
  • 2X a Month Advertising through TakeOut.PH Channels



  • SME
  • 30% Discount on 1 Month Subscription Fee
  • FREE professional photoshoot for maximum of 5 products
  • 1-min Video Feature of SME Store / Story
  • 5X a Month Advertising through TakeOut.PH Channels



  • Big Brother
  • 20% Discount on 1 Month Subscription Fee
  • "Big Brother Says" Program company social work
  • 5X a Month Advertising through TakeOut.PH Channels

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